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Sea Otter Designs

Detail view

Sea Otter Mugs hold approximately 2 cups of your favorite beverage
These are hand etched in the leather hard stage, bisque fired and then colored with a mishima process whereby 
black glaze covers the design and is then washed off all but the etched areas. The mugs need to be set aside and allowed to dry, usually for a couple of hours or overnight. Other detail areas such as the clam shell, nose, eyes and mouth can then be painted. A transparent glaze is added to these areas, when dry a final wax resist is very carefully applied so the rest of the mug can be glazed in a dipping process. The rim gets an additional glaze.

  • Cafe Au Laits or Soup Cups or Chilli Cups or Ice Cream Cups or Dip Cups...

Otter Designs come with 5 different shell patterns: red or turquoise stripes
red or turquoise polka dots and red and turquoise dot combo.

  • Sea Otters Holding Hearts

Otters holding hearts available on any shape

  • Sea Otter Bowls

Cereal Sized Bowl  3" x 5"