Bonnie Hotz Pottery
Handmade Functional Pottery For Everyday Use
HI Everyone ! I'm in the process of updating this website -
thank you for your patience! (April 4, 2014)  

This website shows the type of work I do...
Please contact me via email/phone for custom orders, questions or wedding registry.


With every pot and every firing I strive to make sweet, strong functional pots
with interesting forms, textures and colors that enhance your day - that first cup of coffee or tea in the morning, a special serving piece, 
dinnerware you enjoy looking at whether there's food in it or not, a vase for your flowers, a gift for that special person or occasion...

I like connecting my pottery to your life! 
I hope they bring joy and a smile to your day.
My work is HIGH FIRED, meaning it is VERY DURABLE, you can use it each and every day with confidence!

I actually looked through all the colanders for fruit and berries on Etsy and many on the Internet. 
Most were a little too ordinary and alike, but when I saw yours, I thought what a beautiful work of art! 
Truly one of a kind! Just finished placing my order.

The pottery arrived today – safe and sound.

  It is ALL awesome!  OhMyGosh.  Wow.

 I can’t keep it all, but it’s a hard decision what not to keep. 
The cups are the perfect size and fit nicely. 
You’ve got wonderful talent!

We really love your works & we like to order 6 more small round owl bowls
Then we can use it from breakfast to dinner. 
 I have four main themes going on: (2013)

 CARVING: Rings and Leaves- I carve into my wheel thrown pieces, pretty deeply; sometimes I use one glaze and then wash it off 
(not as easy as it sounds), but I also use different syringes filled with different glaze colors and fill the carved areas in to achieve a multi-color effect. 
I've created an original design 'Rings' -  where I carve different patterns into my pieces usually filling in the carved areas with glaze and then choose 
other areas to glaze; some I leave bare so you can see and feel the clay body.

Slabbed pieces with textures Currently, I'm working with 3 main textures - lace-like, wood-like and floral. With the lace I like creating two or three - tone pieces. Some areas will have the glaze washed off and some are solidly glazed. This gives the pieces a nice symmetry and contrast. With my floral pieces, I am enjoying working in high fire porcelain and stoneware; placing a base glaze on and then hand painting additional glazes in layers over that to achieve a painterly feel with a rich depth of colors and wood grain texture I'm working on functional and sculptural teapots and birdhouses.



Animals and Flowers - Living here in the canyon affords me many opportunities to interact with my natural surroundings - my muses - 

quail, owls, hummingbirds, butterflies, flowers and being so close to Monterey Bay brings me my ocean buddies...sea otters,

leafy sea dragons, dolphins and whales.

Reduction Fired Glazeware - With these pieces I layer multiple glazes, sometimes in a swirl, sometimes one on top of another; usually creating great patterns of color. I use wax resist to create detailed patterns at times.